Tuesday, 31 January 2012

It's not bloody snowing. If it was, you'd know about it because I'd be the first to complain.

Apologies for the lack of updates. This weekend was insane. La Dispute were absolutely incredible as per usual and everyone was fairly well behaved so that was nice.

Tonight, we've got a little treat for fans of watching people being hit in the face repeatedly. Duracell has stuck a load of recent UFC on a dvd so if you fancy watching some bloody and bruised men wrestle (I'm not allowed to comment on how homo-erotic it is, this is really difficult) for money whilst sipping on a nice, cold beverage, you know where to come.


Now, for something to brighten your day.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012



Sorry, just had to get that out of my system but that was all 100% fact and that video is actually them. La Dispute are here on Friday night and I am very excited. So excited, in fact that I've forgotten what the actual point of this post was.

In fact, we've got loads of exciting things coming up in the next few months! These are, as follows (and I've even been super efficient and given you links to the bands on the old Facebook and everything so no excuses!):

03/02/12 - The lovely Earthtide and Auger Bane are back with The Red and The Black to treat us to another evening of heavy rock and stoner madness.

04/02/12 - Banquet Records presents: Man Overboard, The Story so Far AND Save Your Breath . They are bloody good to us, no?

07-08/02/12- Kingston Uni Fine Art Expo. Come and see some pretty drawings and stuff for free. Not bad, eh?

09/02/12- Are You Proud? Promotions bring us:Attention Thieves, North Paw, Anavae and Hindsights. I'm pretty impressed with this line up. It's poppy and punky all at the same time. Don't judge me, everyone likes a bit of Thursday night pop-punk now and again. It's a fact.

10/02/12- We've got an evening of Garage Rock lined up for you with Pope, The Past Tense and The Legendary Groovymen. And you will love it.

11/02/12- Q-Tone, Ladybear and Mojo Turtles provide us with some local indie. That'll be nice.

12/02/12- Another cracker from Banquet Records in the form of not one, but TWO matinee shows by the legendary Young Guns. "But that's a Sunday, you say?" I know, crazy right? We sure are. And so are they, and that, my friends is why it'll be amazing.

14/02/12- Valentines Day fucking sucks, right? Most pointless day of the year? Well luckily, Go Team Geek agree and are putting on a lovely Anti-Valentines Night of theatre. 

21/02/12 - Calibers, Pull Peddler and Grievances Aside. What else are you going to do on a Tuesday?

22/02/12- Another one I'm bloody excited for: Crocus, Grappler, Cult Cinema and Chromes. This will be insane, it's a Wednesday and it's a grand total of £5. You'd be stupid not to, seriously. 

24/02/12- Ragweed. And Mayors of Miyazaki and Atlas and Man Survives. This. Just. This. For £3. 

25/02/12- A sad day for Kingston town. Our favourite, Kiwi Wanker is leaving us. And this is our way of saying "FUCK OFF AND DON'T COME BACK, YOU KIWI WANKER." We've got the insanely-talented-at squeezing-in-to-spandex, Spandex Love, the fantastically loud Silent Front, and the dirty, hip hop sounds from The Living Room Presents: Nufurian & Joseph Stylin' with beats by The Surgeon. As you can tell, I'm not even a little bit angry that he's leaving me. There will be tears, and they will be all Bluey's. I guarantee it. But no, seriously. Come and tell him how much you hate him for leaving, how much you're going to miss him or just simply how much you love his little ginger face. 

03/03/12- Weirdsville, the new clubnight. For more details, click here.

04/03/12 - Banquet Records treat us once again to the brilliant, Crazy Arm, Apologies, I Have None and Great Cynics. It's a Sunday and it's going to be a good one so get down eaaarly.

19/03/12- Banquet Records have only bloody booked Ceremony. There are no words to describe how insanely epic this show will be. GET A TICKET AND GET A TICKET NOW.

01/04/12- Banquet Records bring us PIANOS BECOME THE TEETH. That's right. I'm totally up for this one. YEAAAH.

More to come as and when it's announced. Have a good one.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Sundays, eh?

Last night was crazy. Crazy and loud. Lots of metal, lots of booze and lots of laughs.

But now, it is Sunday. A day of drinking, and laughs and something a little bit more relaxed and less likely to make your poor, hungover brain explode. We've got some lovely, unplugged acoustic-y vibes from the venue this evening. I might even attempt to take some more photos of stuff. And things. Yeaaaaaah.

Friday, 20 January 2012

When does it stop being okay to say Happy New Year?

Fuck it, bloggers. I'm going to do it anyway. HAPPY BLOODY NEW YEAR.

New year, new blog, which means new ways for me to update you on the day to day life of your favourite bar and venue this side of town. This, my lovely internet friends, will soon be the home of all upcoming events, gig listings and reviews, horribly embarrassing stories and photos of nights out and in, general ramblings from the staff as they slowly but surely lose their minds and other shit that I think might entertain and amuse you. Starting with this, because they were pretty good:

That right there is the lovely Self Defense Family from their show on 13th of January. I liked them. They were lovely AND they helped me clean the venue down at the end of the night. And they gave me cookies. They can come back.

Did you like that? I thought you might. There's more where that came from...

Stay tuned, it's going to be awesome.