Wednesday, 29 February 2012


I'm feeling nice today, so I'll make your lives a little bit easier. Our lovely friends over @ Banquet Records have got a habit of putting some pretty awesome shows on here and then we get a load of phone calls asking if we have tickets and then it all gets complicated.

SO, the long and short of it is, no. We don't sell tickets for shows in the bar unless we state otherwise. All tickets for Banquet shows can be bought directly from them and to make your life easier, all you have to do is click on the show that you want to go to. I told you, I'm feeling nice. Don't expect this every week.

Sunday 4th March - Crazy Arm/ Apologies, I Have None/ Great Cynics.

Monday 19th March - Ceremony

Saturday 24th March - Los Mendozas Farewell Gig!

Sunday 25th March - Think Big!/ Fine Young Firecrackers/ Home Advantage/ Jimmy Holland

Sunday 1st April - Pianos Become The Teeth/ Brotherhood of the Lake/ The Goodtime Boys

Friday 6th April - Sharks/ Crowns

Thursday 19th April - Spraynard/ Little Ease/ Losing Sleep/ Caves

Saturday 5th May - The Menzingers

Friday 11th May - Cobra Skulls/ Uniforms/ Everything We Left Behind 

Sunday 13th May - Bridge and Tunnel

Friday 3rd August - Big D & the Kids Table

You like? You click, you buy, you turn up (AND BRING YOUR BLOODY I.D), you listen, you drink (or don't drink) and everyone's happy. Eaaaasy.

This week...

TONIGHT - Swords of Damocles & 3 - doors 7.45pm
                 England V Holland live on the screens from 8pm! I'm half dutch. This could be interesting.

TOMORROW - It's a Thursday. What better excuse to have a beverage or two. or 10. We won't judge...




A clubnite for WEIRD OHS! 

!!!!!! FREE ENTRY !!!!!!

Join us at WEIRDSVILLE for our 1st clubnite of Rhythm 'n' Booze at The Fighting Cocks Kingston. Experience the kind of degenerate 50's 'n' 60's music that the squares are scared of!


Feisty feline fronted rock'n'rollers, checkout their adrenaline fuelled punk'n'roll

♬♬ GO-GO CULT ♬♬
Their ray guns are primed and ready to spread their 50's Psychedelic Punk right between your ears. 

♫♫ The YOU GOT GOOD TASTE jukebox ♫♫
Shake yer bones till late to the Trashiest Rock'n'Roll, the Sleaziest R'n'B, the most Primitive Punk, the Fuzziest Garage and the Wildest of Rockers, it's all about songs the CRAMPS taught us!!

And whilst you shake, rattle and roll your bones to the sounds watch
✴✴Psychotronic Sexplotation Movie Projections✴✴
assault your eyeballs with projections from some of the weirdest wildest movie clips you'll ever see!!!


Good week, good week.

On another note entirely, thank you to everyone who came down for Bluey's leaving party on Saturday. I think we can all agree it was completely insane. Sweaty, but insane. If anyone's got any decent photos or anything, then chuck 'em our way. And if you haven't yet, pop in to sign his super secret leaving book. I'm totally impressed with the way that the book got passed around on Saturday, 200+ people and a notebook would normally spell total disaster but not only did we get it back in one piece, he's totally clueless. I'm totally banking on the fact that he won't read this either, which is a risk I'm willing to take.

And now, for your viewing pleasure, a sneak peak of what's in store from our friends TheLivingRoom Presents: Nufurian and Joseph Stylin' with beats by The Surgeon.

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Bluey's Party.

Last night was insane. I don't think I've ever seen that many people in my life. I'm dying this morning but my god it was worth it.

My brain hurts.

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Attention all Rugby fans!

This weekend's 3 Nations matches, accompanied by a fucking awesome and totally random shift in the weather, are the perfect excuse to get your ass down and get some cheap booze inside you. Today sees the Irish take on the Italians and the English (hopefully) kick the shit out of the Welsh. You see, I say hopefully, because if England win, Mr O'Grady will buy every single person in the bar a shot of our very own, home made Hooch! You can also get CAMRA discount on all real ale during every game, so that's a pint for a grand total of £3.05!

Then tomorrow, the French are going to destroy the Scottish. I'm sorry, but we all know it's true. Feel free to come down and laugh in my very hungover face if it doesn't happen, but I'm fairly confident...

Tonight is Mr Bluey's leaving party. I'm buying a book for everyone to write shit in so if you are about tonight make sure you get a page or half, or just a line. Feel free to make your note as cringeworthy as possible but let's try and leave hatemail until after he's gone okaaaay?


Monday, 20 February 2012


Does this look like something you would enjoy? Not the homo-erotic stance in a kitchen part, the Bluey in a wig and spandex bit. Yes? Well perhaps you would enjoy the company of 100+ other 80s themed, spandex clad humans (mostly) all ready to wish our little ginger a fond farewell and safe travels back to the land of kiwi's as well? Still yes? Well then cancel your plans for this Saturday, get your spandex out and get your shiny backsides down here for his leaving party. It's free, too, not that you needed any more encouragement.

All the information you could possibly need can be found on facebook/ if you're feeling lazy, just click here

Oh, it is 80s themed fancy dress. Not compulsory but you totally will be judged by the masses if you don't turn up in spandex...

So come celebrate Bluey's all too short life in Kingston and help me kidnap him and hide him in the cellar...if Kingston can't have him, no-one can...

 (EDIT: I just realised that made it sound like he's dying or that I'm going to kill him and hide his body in the cellar. He's not and I wasn't planning to...)

Saturday, 18 February 2012



Tonight we've got Adam Anarchy and the Inbred Brothers in the venue as part of Renegade Nations night this month. Think Circus of Horrors and you'd be on the right track. Here is a video of Adam Anarchy doing what he does:

Friday, 17 February 2012

"If you think it's so cool, eat it..."

We found a spider, we named him George.

Another productive evening and another informative post bought to you by the staff of The Fighting Cocks...

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Young Guns Sold Out Show - 12/02/12

A small selection of photos. We don't own any of these, by the way.
The lovely people that took them do so don't steal 'em.
As you can see from the photographic evidence above. It was a pretty good day all round! Young Guns played their first ever show here, so it was pretty cool to see how far they've come in 4 years and it was a total pleasure to have them back. Both shows sold out super quick too!
The 12pm show was opened by Polar, who were pretty rad. 3pm was kicked off by Tonight Alive all the way from Australia. Their album is coming out over here soon I believe and you can totally pick it up from Banquet Records.

If any of you guys were there, have photos or stories or anything else you wanna share, pass 'em this way. We'd love to see them!

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Love and Stuff.

This is tonight.
It is £6, it starts at 7.30pm.
There's 5 bands. Good value, eh?

 If that's not enough, bring your girlfriend/ boyfriend/ significant other/ escort or if all else fails, a parent or sibling (of legal drinking age) down to share a nice, romantic 2 for 1 cocktail. Or 2 for 1 a jager. If they're a lightweight, you've got yourself a cheap evening. And we've got UFC on. WHO SAID ROMANCE IS DEAD?!

Other good stuff happening soon:

02/03/12 - Wonk Unit, Slow Science, Emergency Bitter and Freedom Faction. Bit of punk for you. If thats not enough, you should come down just because of how good the poster is:

03/03/12 - You Got Good Taste presents Weirdsville! with Pussycat and the Dirty Johnsons, Go-Go Cult, DJ's and some weird movies and a load more. It's free, 8pm-1am.

04/03/12 - Banquet Records Presents: Crazy Arm, Apologies, I Have None and Great Cynics. This will be awesome. Crazy Arm supported Against Me! Recently so you get the idea!
14/03/12 - Mothership & Guests.
16/03/12 - Name Your Heroes, Sell Your Sky and The Atrocity Exhibit
19/03/12 - Banquet Records Presents: CEREMONY (YES, CEREMONY!!!!)
23/03/12 - Are You Proud? Promotions: On My Honor and The Rookie League.
24/03/12 - Banquet Records Presents: LOS MENDOZAS FINAL SHOW!
25/03/12 - Banquet Records Presents: Think Big! and Fine Young Firecrackers

And just in case anyone was wondering what I would like for Valentines day, this little fella or something similar will do...

Saturday, 11 February 2012

New Toys and Sore Heads.

We got an electric chair, we tested it on Duracell. It doesn't work, but it looks bloody awesome.

Oh and if fake electrocuting your friends isn't enough, you can come and listen to some bluesy/ acousticy/ proggy stylings in the form of QTone and friends tonight in the venue!

Friday, 10 February 2012

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Attention Thieves, Northpaw, Anavae and Hindsights.

Incase you were wondering what they all looked like, together on a poster, there it is. Oh, and it's tonight so coming to it would be a good idea. £5, 7.30pm and if you look 12 but are in fact over 18, bring some bloody I.D. I don't want to have to throw you out later.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

"Don't fall on the sleeping tramp..." another completely irrelevant post.

If I can give you one piece of vital advice on this blog, it will definitely be DO NOT wear shiny leggings when drunk on a bus. However if it is unavoidable and you do end up wearing shiny leggings when drunk on a bus, ensure you have a responsible companion and don't put your feet up on the window. The shiny leggings provide no resistance and when you go round a corner you will fall on the sleepy piss-head next to you. I learned this the hard way, and I have the bruises to prove it. He didn't wake up though, so I hope he was just asleep and not, you know, dead. I probably should have checked that, come to think of it.

You know when you see a word so many times that it starts to lose all meaning? Leggings.

Welcome to my life. Don't worry, it doesn't make any sense to me either.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Snow, Sleep, Sundays, Sports and Other Stuff... Beginning with "S"

You know those days when you really, really can't wake up? That is today. I blame Sons of Anarchy and Guinness for keeping me awake. I'm not going to lie, snowy Old London Road did look quite pretty from our roof at 4.30 am when I went for my pre-bed cigarette and I probably should have taken a picture to prove it but I didn't. My bad. I was too busy being cold and tired, sorry.

Anyway, sports update time. We will be showing every 6 Nations game in the bar, with CAMRA discount on all real ale during the matches and if England win any game by more than 5 points, everyone in the building gets a free shot of hooch. I'll let you decide whether thats a good thing or not for yourselves, but I promise you it will warm you up and speed you on your way to an interesting evening. Trust me on that one.

We will also now be showing UFC every Tuesday night from 7pm, either recorded from the weekend or some old, classic fights. That's always a laugh, unless you're the guy getting his ass kicked. I'd imagine that's when it stops being fun. 

We've got some new gigs to add to the list for this month too:

Tuesday 14/2/12 we now have Heart in Hand, Dead and Divine, Departures and Palm Reader.
Thursday 16/2/12 is Doomed From Day One.
Friday 17/2/12 we've got The Dauntless Elite.
Sunday 26/2/12 we've got Invect.
And Tuesday 28/2/12 is Zico Chain.

So adjust your diaries, kiddo's!

And finally, in keeping with the fact that it is Superbowl Sunday, some Terry Tate, for your entertainment.

Just, amazing. 

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Totally irrelevant, ranty post about how much I hate everything.

Today, more specifically Royal fucking Mail. Now, I'm not saying "THE FIGHTING COCKS SAYS DON'T POST ANYTHING EVER, POST IS SHIT", just my personal opinion right now is that yes, Royal Mail fucking suck at doing everything other than occasionally fitting a piece of paper through the right slot (ha! go on, have a giggle. maturity is overrated anyway). Normally, I'd recommend Parcel Force instead, but they are pissing me off a little bit at the moment too. I JUST WANT MY FUCKING POST. MORE SPECIFICALLY, THE AWESOME JUMPER AND LIMITED EDITION MELVINS T-SHIRT I BOUGHT LIKE 3 WEEKS AGO. WHY IS THIS SO DIFFICULT?!

Slightly more relevant, Auger Bane and Earthtide were fucking awesome last night. Much fun was had. It was nice and they left us cake. I like this. Tonight, we've got Man Overboard and yes, it is sold out children, sorry.

Oh and also, you've still got time to get your CDs in for the jukebox. The most played/ popular will totally win a bar tab. FREE BOOZE? WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

Oh, and also, also, I definitely liked hearing that people are actually finding my awful rants quite entertaining. I think the trick is, if you know me, you'll understand how funny I am anyway but if you don't, assume I'm hilarious in real life and it'll all make sense. HAHA.

I'm going to attempt to fit 4 seasons of Sons of Anarchy into 2 days. See ya' later!

(Edit: Apologies if anyone who reads this is in some way related to someone who works for the Royal Mail. I'm sure they are a lovely human being and that they are really good at their job. Unless they either a) deliver to Hounslow (yes, I said Hounslow alright? I'm from Hounslow. Don't judge me) or b) work at the Brentford sorting office. In which case give them a slap on the wrist from me and tell them to be better...)