Saturday, 30 June 2012



Starts at 2pm. Edinburgh Preview shows from...

MAREK LARWOOD (as seen in BBC2's Fast and Loose and BBC 3'w We are Klang)


MAFF BROWN (as seen on BBC2's Lead Balloon and writer of Shooting Stars / Mock the Week)

All you have to do to get tickets is email and say how many you want! Simples!

Friday, 29 June 2012

now then! as of sunday were going to be hitting you hard with some seriously boozy cocktails whilst you sit and watch your favorite trilogies. Yep, thats right all the Jurassic Park's all the Back to the futures and all the Batman's. Just all the big names, really.

That friday feeling!

Morning campers! What a fun time has been had here today! Cocktail training, which is basically getting half cut on fruity tasting things and pretending it's work. And .... get ready for this!! New door matts!! Hell yes!! Red carpet treatment for all our favorite alkies!

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Tim Smith Benefit, Saturday 30th!

For those that don't know, Tim Smith from the Cardiacs had a devastating heart attack and stroke a few years ago and is still on the road to recovery. Since then, hundreds of musicians and fans have gone all out in a show of support and put out albums and shows in tribute, and to raise money for his treatment.

This weekend, we have an amazing show lined up:

Mr Smith and the Big Ships
Redbus Noface
The Trudy

Monday, 25 June 2012


You know how I told you a few months ago about when Anti-Flag coming to visit? Well I don't think I mentioned that Edgar from Old London Road ended up tattooing Chris #2 from Anti-Flag did I?

Well, here is a video of that happening:

Upcoming Banquet Shows:

These folks at Banquet Records are bloody good to you lot. Here is some of the stuff they're making happen over the next few months:

25/06 - Dan Andriano in the Emergency Room/ Brendan Kelly and the Wandering Birds/ Sam Russo. facebook|tickets (6 TICKETS LEFT)
02/07 - Defeater/ Former Thieves/ Polar facebook|tickets (70 TICKETS LEFT)
02/08 - Vinnie Caruana facebook|tickets (80 TICKETS LEFT)
03/08 - The Choking Victim Show/ Stza/ Left Alone/ Chewing on Tinfoil facebook|tickets (145 TICKETS LEFT)
14/08 - Mixtapes/ Slingshot Dakota/ The Static Age/ Starters facebook|tickets
23/08 - SPECIAL GUEST (ANNOUNCED 20/08!) (waheyyyyyy!)
29/08 - Everyone Everywhere/ Chalk Talk facebook|tickets
31/08 - The Flatliners/ Ok Pilot/ Divided Heaven facebook|tickets
22/09 - Joyce Manor/ Apologies, I Have None/ Bangers facebook|tickets (99 TICKETS LEFT)


Sunday, 24 June 2012


Comedy's off, but the nice folks at Banquet Records have got a treat for you. The legendary Dan Andriano and Brendan Kelly, bassists and vocalists from Alkaline Trio and The Lawrence Arms, will be playing their solo stuff (Dan Andriano in the Emergency Room/ Brendan Kelly and the Wandering Birds) and a few classics separately, together and all for you! I am so excited for this, you have no idea. We've been looking forward to this one for months! Oh, and there is a grand total of 6 tickets left. That's right, 6. You can purchase one of the 6 here. And by here, I mean where it says here, but back there. You get the idea?


Rotterdam's finest punks Accelerators and The Bat Bites are crashing the venue tonight and it's all for free, you lucky boys and girls. Support from locals Emergency Bitter and Gallows Humour who never disappoint! So, get your backsides down here, pronto to a) reserve a seat for the football, b) get the beers in and c) see some of the best live music you're likely to see FOR FREE ever! Plus, it looks like it's about to rain. You don't want to get wet and we've got everything you could possibly need in here!

England V Italy! Tonight!

We're showing it on our massive new cinema screen in the main bar! We've also got Dutch punk's Accelerators and The Bat Bites, with Emergency Bitter and Gallows Humour FOR FREE in the venue! We're currently trying to work out door times so that you can watch as much of the football as possible, if that's what you fancy of course! More on that when we know!

Friday, 22 June 2012

This week's dodgy search award

is definitely a tie between:

"cocks in uniforms" (oooh, kinky!), "gentlemensgirls" (LOL)  and "hit the cocks" (HA! wait...what?!)


22/06 - Germany vs Greece K.O @ 7.45pm
23/06 - Spain vs France K.O @ 7.45pm
24/06 - England vs Italy K.O @ 7.45pm


We've got a new cinema screen! Oh yes, in the main bar and everything! It's bloody massive, we've got a brand new projector and everything. So, that means we've got a few new treats in store for you lot in the form of themed movie nights, trilogies and series' sessions, bigger, better live sport and a whole bunch more.

We're also launching our brand new cocktail list featuring a few old favourites and some new takes on the classics, but we'll let you know more on that when we have a specific date!

The next few weeks go a little something like this:

24/06 - Accelerators/ The Bat Bites/ Emergency Bitter/ Gallows Humour. Two of the finest,  fast paced street punk bands from Rotterdam supported by locals Emergency Bitter and Gallows Humour. FREE ENTRY! facebook
25/06 - Banquet Records: Dan Andriano in the Emergency Room/ Brendan Kelly and the Wandering Birds/ Sam Russo. Dan Andriano of Alkaline Trio and Brendan Kelly of the Lawrence Arms playing their solo stuff, together and seperately, in our back room. I AM EXCITEEEEEEED. facebook|tickets
30/06 - Tim Smith Benefit: Mr Smith and the Big Ships/ Redbus Noface/ The Trudy/ Stuntdog.
02/07 - Banquet Records: Defeater/ Former Thieves/ Polar facebook|tickets
05/07 - Tonight We Fly/ Pacific/ Daffydd Evans/
06/07 - Bangers/ Gnarwolves/ Shortcuts/ Forrest/ The Winter Passing facebook
07/07 - Weirdsville: Thee Vicars/ Witchdoktors FREE ENTRY! facebook
13/07 - Weirdsville: Thee Gravemen/ One Man Destruction Show facebook
14/07 - Hundred/ Phyrexia/ Othros facebook

So I reckon there's a little something for everyone there right?

Wednesday, 20 June 2012


Crows/ Lich/ Dashwood/ Self Loathing  facebook event £5 on the door.

I literally can't wait for this. Definitely not one to miss.

Greg Davies - September 18/19!

The awesome Greg Davies has just confirmed he will be doing two shows for us in September! They will both be little tour previews as part of a bunch of dates he's doing with Outside The Box Comedy Club! Click on the link's below for tickets!

Tues 18/09 - Greg Davies/ Maff Brown tickets
Wed 19/09 - Greg Davies/ Maff Brown tickets

Sunday, 17 June 2012


So the weather's got better, which means only one thing... BEER. NICE, COLD BEER.

Luckily for you guys, we have plenty of it! And yes, we're showing the football later too! Everyone's a winner. Unless you don't like beer, or football. In which case, we've got a shit load of spirits and we'll put a movie on in the Hen House or something.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Tonight's Football:



Czech Republic
K.O @ 5PM.




K.O @ 7.45PM.

Monday, 11 June 2012

Gigs, Gigs, Gigs!

15/06 - Think Like Valencia/ Jackal/ Robin Henderson facebook
16/06 - Sigil & Friends FREE ENTRY facebook
19/06 - No Consequence/ Floods/ When Victory Falls/ Fel Fiasco
20/06 - Crows/ Self Loathing/ Lich/ Dashwood facebook
24/06 - Accelerators/ Emergency Bitter/ Gallows Humour facebook
25/06 - Banquet Records Presents: Dan Andriano/ Brendon Kelly/ Sam Russo facebook
30/06 - Tim Smith Benefit (Ex-Cardiacs) - Mr Smith & The Big Ships/ Redbus Noface tickets

02/07 - Banquet Records Presents: Defeater/ Former Thieves/ Polar facebook
05/07 - Today We Fly/ Dafydd Evans/ Pacific tickets
06/07 - Bangers/ Gnarwolves/ Shortcuts/ Forrest/ The Winter Passing facebook
07/07 - WEIRDSVILLE: Thee Vicars/ Witchdoktors FREE ENTRY facebook

Comedy CANCELLED tonight/ England v France

Sorry guys, but due to the England game being on so early, comedy is cancelled this week!

We are showing the match, it kicks off at 5, so just in time for happy hour! Get down early if you want a seat!

Sunday, 10 June 2012


You know what, I'm totally happy to hear that you guys enjoyed last night as much as we did! We even got this:

awesome bar, awesome atmosphere. had a wicked night last night with the ladies behind the bar (10/10 ladies!). bit pricey but nothing you wouldn't expect from a decent bar these days. shame the jukebox is a bit moody.
on beer in the evening! I'm a smug little bunny today.

Ladies Night.

I'm not going to lie, we had SO much fun last night. It's nights like that, that make me realise why I bloody love my job. There's literally nothing better than being able to have a decent conversation and a laugh with almost every single person in the bar!

Saturday, 9 June 2012


As a fair few of you have asked about it, yes, we are showing all of the football. ALL OF THE FOOTBALL.

Accelerators - Sunday 24th June

Sunday 24th, we have a free show for you from Dutch punks Accelerators! Support comes from locals Emergency Bitter and Gallows Humour. FREE ENTRY from 8pm.

Banquet's Big Day Out, Bank Holidays and Rain.

Hello Ladies and Gent's, I hope you've all recovered nicely after from the sounds of it, a pretty mental bank holiday weekend all round! We've just about got ourselves back to normal, I apologise I haven't updated you on it sooner.

Weirdsville was awesome, as per usual. I was totally impressed with Juke Jonah & the All Drunk Orchestra, they were absolutely incredible, it's the first Weirdsville I'd been working out the back for and it took a lot of self control not to just join in with all the dancing. And believe me, none of you have seen me dance, nobody would want to see that.

Banquet's Big Day Out. WELL. That was bloody incredible. Jon and the team pulled off something pretty fucking special, let's put it that way. They even managed to pull in a special favour with the weather by the looks of it!
For those of you that don't know, we had an acoustic tent right by the main entrance, and for an acoustic tent, it was pretty bloody loud. And our sound man looked scarily like Cliff Richard. I wish I'd taken a photo of him, but at that point we were too busy trying to figure out why there was a laminated cut out of Michael Jordan's face, stuck to a ruler next to our tent. Unfortunately I think that it's just going to have to be put down as one of life's mysteries and we lost him soon after. I would like to think he's been given a good home.

Tall Ships opened the entire event at about midday on the Etnies/ New Slang tent stage, and then shortly after, Scholars played the main stage. From the bits I heard while I was wandering to and from the coffee stall, they were both very good. I would have liked to have seen more, but Cliff was getting a bit grumpy and Michael Jordan was still confusing Jake. Luckily for us though, Banquet lent us Chris to keep it all on track back at the tent while we wandered around flyering and he was an absolute star so big thank you-s to you, Chris.
Luke Leighfield kicked off the proceedings for us at about 1pm, it was a bit drizzly so as a nice "thank you for standing in the rain watching me" he shared his sweets with everyone. How nice is that! Next up on our stage was an entire band acoustic performance by Kid Champion, so we had a little dance. We managed to catch some of MC Lars', then we had another full band set from Terrible Eyes and there was the most adorable kid on his Dad's shoulders partying away. It was so good to see that there was a proper family feel to the whole day. Sharks were awesome, the sun came out for Wheatus and then it was time for our awesome friends in The Lagan who had an entire tent dancing in seconds!

The rest gets a bit hazy and I basically only just remember sitting outside a tent bum shuffling to David Rodigan but I know myself and everyone I have spoken to about it thoroughly enjoyed themselves, ROLL ON NEXT YEAR ;).

But seriously, MASSIVE thank you to Banquet for having us and I reckon if you were there, pop into the shop and tell them how much you loved it!

We had The Lagan play again for FREE last night. If you missed it, the only real excuse is that you were stuck in a muddy puddle at Download. Don't do it again. I definitely recommend trying to catch them at some point soon.

Saturday, 2 June 2012


WEIRDSVILLE TONIGHT! Free entry all night, two live bands, movies with boobies and a killer DJ. What else are you going to do now the weather's turned shit?

...That's what I thought.

Tonight's live bands are -

MFC Chicken - 

"MFC Chicken are a band that plays the real rock and roll music with the saxophone, singin' about fast food and broken hearts."

BiographyFormed on top of a dirty chicken shop on Holloway Road, MFC Chicken play raw, sax-         fueled rock and roll tunes about fast food and broken hearts.
Come on down, all you hip hens and rockin' roosters, and shake it on out with us.
Descriptiongreasy fingers, ribbons, fowl, roslie, amos milburn, a bass, geetar, sex maniac/sax, ludwig acrolite, da moon, that fucking rock n roll..always there, always.

"DescriptionThe primtive All-Drunk Orchestra bringing killer jives and forbidden pleasures to venues near and far!"

Well, aren't they mysterious! I guess if you want to know more, you'll have to come down tonight and find out for yourself!

Friday, 1 June 2012

Banquet's Big Day Out - Monday 4th June!

We are sponsoring the acoustic stage, so Jake and I will be attending, representing the bar and that. Come and say hello, I'll make Jake dance for you or something in return. Oh, and we will be flyering - check your flyer, a select few have a free shot promotion hidden on them! Don't litter kids, bring them back to the bar and get your shots!

People are funny.

Some of the stuff you guys search to find us are HILARIOUS. Keep it up, it entertains me greatly. I do realise that I haven't had a ramble in a while, so I'll try and update you on the last few weeks events - if I can remember them correctly. Right... I'm struggling already...

Death of An Artist, Palm Reader and Housefires were awesome. I enjoyed myself anyway. It's a shame there wasn't a better turn out but unfortunately, it happens sometimes. We still had fun either way.
Direct Hit were good fun, I remember that much. And although we didn't have the biggest crowd ever for them, they seemed to enjoy themselves. Nice guys. So were The Price Duifkes and of course Anonymous Tip.

I have no idea how the gigs over the weekend were, I was not here as I went to I'll Be Your Mirror(the tiny bit I saw of YOB, Melvins and Sleep fucking ruled, Slayer, not so much. Also any customers I may have bumped in to, my apologies, I was a state.) on Friday, came back here and drank a fair bit of JD Honey and then spent Saturday in a sunburnt, drunken state of hibernation. (I am never, ever walking up the hill to Alexandra Palace ever again, by the way. Don't even suggest it. I will inflict serious amounts of pain on anyone who does. That amount of totally unexpected exercise was NOT appreciated.) 

Sunday provided a rare opportunity for the majority of us. We all had the night off so went and had a lovely picnic by the riverside with a few good friends. It started off fairly civilised, (we even had olives and fancy crisps...) then we lost a rather drunk Jake for a while, Brendan was insulted by some pretty angry looking swans, I stepped in what could have, in hindsight possibly been human poo, we had to make an emergency visit to the chip shop and Joe drank a litre of gin and Lilt. You can probably piece the rest together yourselves really... And then Jake and I went out and basically did it all again on Monday. Which wasn't the best idea in the world. I don't know what hurt more, my bank account or my head. Ouch, either way!

Anyways, boys and girls, this week brings many an opportunity for history to repeat itself, in true, Kingston fashion. Stay tuned for more information!


Earthtide, The Red and The Black and Other Eyes Wise, from 7.30 tonight, for FREE. WITH FREE JAGER. Isn't that nice of them!


Sorry guys, but due to another cancellation on this tour, 999 can't make it down on Tuesday :(! We're pretty gutted but obviously if they are down this way anytime soon, we'll sort something out! If you guys have got tickets, a full refund will be issued, I'll give you more details on that when I have them!