Friday, 30 March 2012

Time to get the diaries out!

First things first, this weekend:

Fri 30/3- Punch Promotions: Centralia DC/Actions to Onslaught/Seed Of Detest facebook|tickets
Sun 1/4- Banquet Records: Pianos Become The Teeth/Brotherhood of the Lake/Goodtime Boys facebook|tickets

And a few more to add to your diaries:

3/4 - Banquet Records: Vanilla Pod/The Amistad/7 Day Conspiracy facebook|tickets
6/4 - Banquet Records: SHARKS/Crowns/Our Time Down Here facebook|tickets 14+ MATINEE
7/4 - You Got Good Taste: WEIRDSVILLE IS BACK! Playing live: The Eviltones/The Zipheads
13/4 - FREE ENTRY: The Lagan/ Support TBA.
19/4 - Banquet Records: Spraynard/Little Ease/Losing Sleep/Caves facebook|tickets
1&2/5 - Banquet Records: ANTI-FLAG facebook|tickets
5/5- Banquet Records: The Menzingers/Rivalries facebook|tickets sold out
11/5 - Banquet Records: Cobra Skulls/Uniforms/Everything We Left Behind facebook|tickets
13/5 - Banquet Records: Bridge And Tunnel/Great Ancestors facebook|tickets
31/5 - Banquet Records: No Trigger/Heartsounds/The Living Daylights facebook|tickets

Look at that. Isn't it beautiful. And believe me, there's a lot more to add! Keep your eyes peeled, ladies and gents. You're in for a bloody treat over the next few months!

Sunday, 25 March 2012


Big ta to all that joined us for our birthday celebrations yesterday, we had a right laugh. Los Mendozas were awesome, as were Beat the Red Light. I still hurt from laughing so much and I keep finding bloody Doritos EVERYWHERE (Long story, don't worry) so all in all, great success.

Tonight, we have an evening of pop punk in the form of Think Big! & Fine Young Firecrackers. You can catch Think Big! @ Banquet Records doing an acoustic instore session at some point this afternoon too, I believe. I'd definitely advise hitting up both as both will be rad.

Just a totally unrelated note that I keep meaning to post about but always forget:
Promoters, bands and customers please remember that we are an 18+ venue. That means that NOBODY under the age of 18 is allowed anywhere on the premises at all* and that even if you are over 18, you are required to carry ID. And to clarify, ID means A VALID DRIVERS LICENSE/ PROVISIONAL LICENSE OR AN IN DATE PASSPORT, not your bus pass, Uni pass or a note from your mum (you'd be surprised... trust me).
It doesn't matter if your cousin's 14 year old son has come from the other side of London to see your band, or if you're 24 but look 12 and don't have any ID on you, you will not be allowed in/ to play.

This isn't us being difficult, we are 18+ because we have to be and in order to stay open and keep putting shows on for you, we really do need you to respect that. And, if you think about it, it saves you a lot of time and embarrassment in the long run. We don't like having to tell bands that they can't play because they are underage, or seeing promoters have to refund people's tickets because they said it was a 16+ show when it wasn't. Think about it kids, you're only ruining it for yourselves! Any questions or issues regarding this can be sent to

*Banquet Records matinee shows are the only exception to this rule and you have no idea how much time, work and effort goes in to making them happen safely and legally so don't take the piss.   

Enjoy the sunshine, boys and girls!

Friday, 23 March 2012

Happy Birthday to us!

For those of you that didn't know, we're 12 on Saturday and naturally, in true Fighting Cocks fashion, we've got a few special treats in store to celebrate!

First off, the lovely people at Jagermeister have provided us with a cheeky couple of guest list spaces for a few upcoming shows for you lucky people. We've already had a winner for the Enter Shikari show at Hammersmith tonight, but next up are 2 tickets to see the awesome Orange Goblin for FREE on April 7th! I'm unbelievably jealous. "But how do I get these tickets?" I hear you ask, it's simple. Turn up to the bar between 5 and 8pm (that's happy hour, by the way), order a 2 for 1 jagermeister, drink your shots, pull a card out of the bucket and if that card happens to be the ace of spades, you're a winner. You can have as many goes at it as you like, of course (unless you are a monumental lightweight or someone has already won. Then it'd just be pointless...)

Secondly, the same night just happens to be LOS MENDOZAS' last ever show. For anyone who doesn't know who they are, get learnin'. I will help. See below:

Now, I'm almost in tears of laughter just watching that. Imagine how Saturday night will go. I might die. Brilliant. Tickets are £5, you can order them here. This has now inspired me to get the Mariachi El Bronx album in the Jukebox. I will sort this out today!

Wednesday, 21 March 2012


Ceremony on Monday night was insane. I think I lost a bit of my brain (but not the ability to accidently make stuff rhyme, apparently), I'm still waiting for my ears to adjust back to every day life and the venue walls are still a bit sweaty, but yeah, mental. Big thank you to the guys from Banquet, all the bands and you lot who came down for turning up and just generally being awesome.

This weekend we've got some seriously awesome shows for you!

23rd- On My Honor (USA)/ The Rookie League/ Legend in Japan. tickets|facebook
24th- Our 12th birthday/ LOS MENDOZAS ULTIMO CONCIERTO. tickets|facebook
                (The last chance you'll have to see the ridiculously awesome Los Mendozas)
25th- Think Big/Fine Young Firecrackers/Home Advantage/Jimmy Holland tickets|facebook

In other news, James has made it to the 100 Club and on that note, get drinking, boys and girls because the sooner we fill the club board, the sooner you get a party thrown in your honour. For anyone who is unfamiliar with the "100 Club", the idea is, you pick a drink you like, tell us what it is and we give you a card that is stamped every time you buy said beverage. 10 stamps = a free shot of our very own hooch, 10 fully stamped cards means your name and photo are added to the board. Easy Peasy.

I can't think of anything else. Except I want to start a new band. Who wants in?

Monday, 19 March 2012

Saturday, 17 March 2012


It's St Patrick's Day, boys and girls!

Oh, and it's Scotland vs Italy AND England vs Ireland at home in the Six Nations!
Both of course, will be on in the bar, complete with special St Patrick's day cocktail and shot of the week! 

We've got Irish punk on the jukebox and the Guinness is fully stocked, so where are you?

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Hurty Head.

Oh, dear lord, whoever decided that that much jager was a good idea last night is the devil. I was trying to be well behaved this week too. Didn't last. It never does.

Anyway, tonight, for your pleasure:
Haydons Place, Profane and the Sacred, and Feud.

And tomorrow is March Mayhem!:
Name Your Heroes, Sell Your Sky, The Atrocity Exhibition.

Monday, 12 March 2012

Dear Mystery Person,

Of all the people, in all the world that the internet allows you to search for, you chose Duracell?  or more specifically, "duracell fighting cocks". Now, while there are many, MANY things that are wrong with that search, because believe me, that's not something I EVER want to see, I am fairly impressed that it bought you to us. I'm sure you had to wade through some fairly questionable websites to get this far.

Reveal yourself and win some free grammar lessons to avoid the confusion next time!

We're in moo-vees.

So, in this, 2 minute or so clip, you can see the outside of the bar. Complete with cardboard, flat packed and ready for recycling. Because we're good like that. We'll have a look through day 2 and see if we're featured any more than that!

This week's events:

14/03/ - Mothership (Rock/ classic rock) & Mud (70s glam metal). Should be a good'un. It's my night off but I might even make an appearance at some point.

15/03 - Renegade Nation - Bear Makes Ninja. "A fine blend of many hard rock styles" according to the BBC. Nice.

16/03 MARCH MAYHEM - Name Your Heroes, Sell Your Sky and The Atrocity Exhibition. Lots of London pop punk vibes. You can even buy tickets online here.

17/03 - Renegade Nation - Curvature. They played here recently, and now they're back...

and then, after that, it's only 2 days until Ceremony. Yeah! There's still tickets, which I'm struggling to understand, so if you have been lazy or for some reason didn't know this was happening, you've still got time to sort it out, just pop on over to Banquet.

Don't forget guys, that as Ceremony is on a Monday, Outside the Box have very kindly moved their night to Tuesday next week!

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Just because you can't see it, doesn't mean it isn't happening...

Although we've had no shows on for most of this week, it's been all action behind the scenes sorting out some fucking awesome shit for you lucky people. BUT it's all super secret so you'll just have to take my word for it. I assure you though, we're not just being lazy.

Some of you may have noticed that we've had the builders in all week, but ladies, I can now assure that you can wee* in total comfort and peace of mind that you are not going to end up falling into the cellar, as the floor has been replaced with some fancy new tiles and stuff. You also may have noticed that our lovely friend Jess has been doing arty things in the loo's so you've got something pretty to look at while you're doing your business.

Alright, it's mainly boobs, tattoos, bikes and cars. But what did you really expect us to do? Just, gentlemen, please try not to get distracted by the tits on the ceiling and piss on yourself. No one likes a man who is covered in his own wee. Or anyone else's wee for that matter. Unless you've got a thing for stuff like that I guess, but that's an entirely different subject to be tackled on another day.

[*I didn't put poo because well, I don't want to think of any of you having a poo, quite frankly. But I suppose you can poo if you want. As long as it is in the toilet and not on the floor... and that has happened, before you ask. I'M NOT CLEANING YOUR POO OFF THE FLOOR.]

In a swift attempt to change the subject from wee and poo, I just realised that mine and James' update the other day, I totally forgot to mention how ridiculously fucking awesome Crazy Arm! were the other night! And Wonk Unit the Friday before actually. So, all in all, with Weirdsville in the middle of it, it was a bloody good weekend!

Tonight's gig free, but that's no excuse not to come and visit us. Plus, it's tabs week, so any donations to your friendly, neighbourhood bar staff's cause would totally be appreciated and rewarded by quick witted banter and a little less sarcasm than usual ;)

And, as I just re-saw this and found it equally as funny as the first time... (is re-saw a word? fuck it.)

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Weirdsville Round Two, Saturday 7th April.

LIVE: The Eviltones. "Primeval, Garage Stomp with Surf-Punk guitar, red raw vocals and a brutal and bloody backbeat..."

The Zipheads: "punked out rockabilly with a swinging ska beat"

Plus, the "You Got Good Taste" jukebox, weird and wonderful movies and IT'S FREE. 8pm-1am. - You can get monthly podcasts from here!

Bread Boards are NOT for measuring short people.

Because they hurt when they are dropped on your head. Don't ask.

Our jukebox finally works a bit better than it did before! come and give us your moneys!!!!!! Also, James recommends the Katsu Curry from Kokoro on Castle Street...

Amy has a 9/10 bum according to the voting committee in central Kingston. We are looking for suggestions to make it a perfect 10. Come on guys we get a plaque on the wall and everything.

Weirdsville was fucking awesome.

Joe Jackson definitely needs a full time carer or guardian on night's out, as leaving him alone at the Cocks ends with him insisting people staple things to him and rubbing various snacks into his eyes.

When you slap the sides of Duracell's head, it makes an awesome noise. Think giving a seal a high five with a german pleasure paddle.

Oh, and we have a new member of staff. Her name is Maggie and she is brilliant.

That's you guys caught up on the last few days, right? Awesome.

Love, Amy and James.

Saturday, 3 March 2012

"Lovely Internet Friends"

YES. Someone has viewed our blog after searching the interwebs for "lovely internet friends".


Although that does raise the question of why someone would search that in the first place...

and yes, I can spy* on you all from behind the blog. Behind the scenes and that... Exciting.

 *by spy, I mean I can see what country the blog is being viewed from and where our traffic is coming from. I can't actually spy on you. Don't get all paranoid on me. 


click on the excited exclamation for the facebook event... if you want to, of course. 

Live, we have: 
                       Feisty feline fronted rock'n'rollers, checkout their adrenaline fuelled punk'n'roll

Their ray guns are primed and ready to spread their 50's Psychedelic Punk right between your ears. 


♫♫ The YOU GOT GOOD TASTE jukebox ♫♫
Shake yer bones till late to the Trashiest Rock'n'Roll, the Sleaziest R'n'B, the most Primitive Punk, the Fuzziest Garage and the Wildest of Rockers, it's all about songs the CRAMPS taught us!!

And whilst you shake, rattle and roll your bones to the sounds watch
✴✴Psychotronic Sexplotation Movie Projections✴✴
assault your eyeballs with projections from some of the weirdest wildest movie clips you'll ever see!!! 

Alright, I know I've just copy-pasted the event invite but I think that about sums it up and I'm feeling a little uninspired at the moment. It'll pass. Especially if I spend my days watching videos like this:

Look at their little faces! Amazing.

Thursday, 1 March 2012


The Adventures of Drunk Bluey...

So, to conclude the "Bluey's Leaving" theme of the blog recently, a selection of photos from Saturday night, taken by or including the man himself and friends. Enjoy. 

(EDIT: there are SO many pictures of Bluey kissing men. What a whore... I kid. Or do I?)