Mr Maff Brown and Outside The Box Comedy Club have parked themselves firmly in the venue, every Monday night to bring you some of the greatest new and old comedic talent from all over the bloody place!

You can get all the info and tickets and things directly from them by clicking on the events below!

12/03 - Reverend Obadiah Steppenwolf III, Matthew Crosby, Sean Mcloughlin & Maff Brown.

(tues) 20/03 - Bob Mills, Max Dickins, Jigsaw, Damian Clark & Maff Brown

26/03 - Patrick Monaghan, Ellis James, Russ Powell & Maff Brown

2/04 - John Moloney, Angela Barnes & Maff Brown

16/04 - Jarred Christmas, Katherine Ryan, Parade of This & Maff Brown

23/04 - SPECIAL GUEST!, Stephen Grant, Matt Forde, James Mullinger & Maff Brown

30/04 - The Noise Next Door, Tony Cowards, David Whitney, Laura Lexx & Maff Brown

14/05 - Barry From Watford, Nick Beaton, Parade of This & Maff Brown

21/05 - Zoe Lyons, Nick Wilty, Barry Castagnola & Maff Brown

28/05 - Greg Davies, Mike Wilmot, Lloyd Langford, Jeff Leach & Maff Brown

11/06 - SPECIAL GUEST!, Parade of This, The Raymond and Mr Timpkins Revue, Pete Jonas & Maff Brown

 18/06 - SPECIAL GUEST!, George Egg, Jason Patterson, Ellis James & Maff Brown

26/06 - Marek Larwood & Dave McNeill (Edinburgh preview!)

16/07 - Stephen K Amos, Parade of This.

17/07 - Tim Vine Chat Show

18/07 - Tim Vine Chat Show

06/08 - Terry Alderton/ Johnny Awsum Tour Preview

10/08 - Russell Kane Tour Preview

18/09 - Greg Davies Tour Preview

19/09 - Greg Davies Tour Preview

"Maff Brown began performing stand-up comedy in November 2005. He is the founder and resident MC for Outside the Box, and is responsible for bringing comedians such as Jimmy Carr, Lenny Henry and Robin Williams to the club.

Maff also tours with his own material and has had success everywhere across Britain and as far as America.

He has done TV warm up for ITV, BBC and SKY and has written on BBC shows 'Mock The Week' & 'Shooting Stars'

'I think Maff Brown is very funny, but if you don't agree you can still laugh at his stupid hair' - Stephen Merchant

'Brilliant stand up, great material' - Bill Bailey

'Jokes fall out of him like gold coins from a pirate's chest' - Frank Skinner

'The love child of Leo Sayer and a performing seal.' -Jack Dee"